Sunday, January 27, 2008

Appearence Tip

Shoes are probably the most important part of your wardrobe when it comes to “Picking-up Girls”, as they give a pretty good signal to women of your character.

“Who cares about shoes!?” That’s the normal plea of an excuse I get whenever I tell any number douche bags how I get the bombshell on my arm in a matter of minutes and you sit there at the bar drinking your three dollar Budlight and staring at her.

Well, if you don’t take care of your shoes, your shoes won’t take care of you.
Your shoes can tell allot to anyone about your personality. I mean, if you have all dirty and even torn up sneakers, then you’re bound to be someone who doesn’t take care of many things in your life; whereas if you’ve got some nice polished black business shoes on, it shows that you really care about your appearance and have even taken the time to look out for your shoes.

When women first meet you, they will give you a look down, as like you do with women – and if your shoes aren’t up to par, then they are going to notice and unfortunately hold it against you. I’m sorry, but it’s a fact – women don’t like crap shoes

So what shoes do they like? Well that’s a tough question to answer from the point of view of the woman. They all have different tastes and so it’s no use going down that route, to be honest.
The best thing you can do is to look as smart as possible, and co-coordinated. Try a nice bright shirt, dark jeans and polished black shoes. This gives the appearance of a buff businessman who knows what he is talking about which is the effect I always achieve.

However, if you just want to be a bit more casual then I suppose sneakers or boots are fine... as long as they are clean and “presentable”. Shoes don’t look fresh forever, but you can sure as hell make sure they stay presentable, by giving them a good clean just before you hit the town, and make sure you don’t get them totally trashed.

Ever since a kid, I’ve always had two sets of sneakers, simply so that I could trash one pair and use another for going out in if I needed. I’ll let you into a secret of mine – I still do that to this day. No matter what shoes you have on – just remember to keep them looking the best possible; which I guarantee will make an even better impression on the ladies.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Approaching Women

Approaching women has been a huge problem to many men over the years. If you’re a player looking to hook up with complete strangers, then approaching women can be one of the riskiest times in a confrontation. I mean, what do you say to someone you’ve never met before?

Currently there are tons and tons of articles, reports and even books on how to effectively approach women, and people actually pay $100’s of dollars just to see how to approach ladies in varying and un-inventive ways. But I really wonder if all of them tell the “truth” about the ease and lust of approaching women...

I’ve been a pretty big PUA for a number of years now and have approached countless women, most resulting in wild conversation but a select few resulting in rejection. In the years that I have been approaching women, I have come to a single conclusion about “The Art of the Approach”.

There’s one thing that has stood out with my testing and experiences of the years of approaching women - Acting on impulse. You have to be fluid, dynamic and ready to accept anything that hits you. I mean, you can get a book that gives you 5000 pick-up lines, but what good is a pick-up line if it has no context. What good does a set “speech” do if the woman you are approaching is not in the slightest interested?

With approached women you have just met, you need to be able to complement them on something that they are wearing that very second; you need to be able to tell them how you love their hair; you need to be able to ask if she is with any friends. Because in the end of the day – if you read a step by step guide of what to do out of a book, you are just going to end up not inventing anything. You are just going to become a sheep, following someone who probably hasn’t had any success with what they are promoting anyway, as far as approaching women is concerned.

You see, you need to not be afraid of women or even admire them so much if you want to successfully approach them. Think of homosexuals. They get along fine with women all of the time, simply because the women know the men aren’t trying to get in their pants all the time.

Well, that’s something you need to try and get across when approaching women. You need to be able to put a conversation together that really shows your actually interested in her. You need to be able to show her that you really care about what she looks like, who she is and what her interests are in order for her to “accept you” as a friend.

Women are always on the receiving end of the approach. Men are the ones who go after the women, so make sure you stand out from the other men who’ve tried approach that women before you. Think about what you would enjoy talking about if you where her...

Not some lame sexual orientated jokes, but some really interesting and complementing conversation about her and what she is all about. The more trust you gain from a woman when you approach her, the more chance you will get of scoring with her.

This means that when you approach women, you mustn’t be like a sheet of cardboard. You need to be able to express yourself and make her want to be with you. You need to stand out from the other men, and not make yourself look like you’re a sex hungry monster.

You just need to keep things flowing around her. Complement her, talk about her interests, her job or even where she gets her clothes. Show that you want to know more about her than just whether she likes you or not. The more you put yourself across as the friend who just wants to talk about interesting stuff, the more she will enjoy talking to you and actually come to like being in your company.

Remember, you don’t want to sound like one of your college professors, by being boring and un-interesting. You need to spice up your conversation and personality when approaching women. You need to be able to show her that you are interested in her and not just wanting to get in her pants all the time. Show her some respect and she will show you some by paying attention to what you have to say.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few openers from Shezz / Unusual approaches from me

Taken from a successful Don Juan known as Shezz:

"Some of the stuff i've used over the past few weeks. Mostly mid conversation with my girlfriend, but i'm sure they would be good when opening too.


"My mates over there bet that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. Want to buy some shots with their money?" - Opener.

"I bet you $5 you're gonna turn me down." - (Cheesey, but fun) Opener

"When I'm older looking back at all of my greatest memories, and I'll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you. " - Gold, used this on our lass.

"Why do you have to be so damn sexy every single day? Can't you take a break and let me concentrate on something else for a change?" - Again mid-convo (slight C+F)

"If I was Peter pan you'd be my happy thought!" - Got the idea for this from Cheeky's thread. Cheers bro.

"You make Jessica Alba look like a teletubbie." - Smooth. Shezz style.

Sarge On..."


Okay, now. I've been experimenting with a few unorthodox openers with women over the past few months, and they've worked for me pretty well. I don't have much time to post, so I'll just drop the lines, and you absorb the gist of what I'm saying.

I was in a quiet library the other day, sitting next to this absolutely stunning perfect 10 brunette. I didn't want to talk because she and a few other people at the table (potential cockblocks) were studying hard, so I drew up a tic-tac board, made a move on it (top left X) and passed it on to her. I kicked her ass, of course, and then I wrote after I won: "You lost, now you must give me your number." It worked!

On myspace, I sent a really attractive Spanish girl the message: "If I weren't gay, you'd be mine." I've used this line several times in real life, also, and have had a mix of positive and negative results--but it's chiefly an online thing.

The important thing is to mix up your approaches-don't do the same ol' shit!

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Women want to FEEL!

Women interpet things emotionally and men, logically, which is old news, but you guys don't use this to your ADVANTAGE.

When you're talking with a woman, USE descriptive words to convey what you're saying. Use words that will arouse her imagination. Add COLOR to the conversation, you understand what I'm saying?

Instead of saying something like, "I like bowling.", go with "I really enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of bowling, you know? Everyone's focused on themselves, in their own world..rolling the ball without a care in the world."

You don't necessary have to be that cheesy, but take that direction.

When you're discussing an interest she told you she enjoys..or something she likes to do, relate to it with something, like..say she enjoys nursing: "Oh, I can imagine why. Just knowing you have the ability to rescue another human being, who's sick and dependent on you is just a powerful feeling."

You understand? Doing this will incite her emotions..because women are very emotional.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

How To Tell If She Likes You

Damn, this is probably the most popular question from guys in the seduction game. There really aren't any surefire signs of knowing if she likes you or not, except if she directly tells you. Therefore, we have to rely on body language and a little psychology to show us the way. I'll give it to you RAW!

There are the obvious and most basic signs of telling if she likes you or not, however don't rely on these fully: she will play with her hair when she's around you, her knees will be pointed in your direction, she blushes when she's around you or giggles a lot, she asks you a lot of questions, she finds any excuse to critic you especially when you've set yourself up for it, she looks at you and then looks away, she completely ignores you, she makes prolong eye contact with her pupils dilated, and etc.

All those are good indicators, however, they aren't surefire. The average girl doesn't want you to know she likes you because she doesn't want to come off as a slut. Only sluts will directly let you know they like you, and these girls are called dick teases. So, it's pretty hard to determine if she likes you given the amazing power of conceal chicks have. Don't be discouraged because there is one full-proof way to find out and it's extremely simple! All you have to do is get in her personal space and judge by her reaction whether she likes you or not!

You see, everyone has their own little personal space and their other people space. We only let people we like, trust, or know into our personal space, and we keep people who we are skeptical about or indifferent about in our other people space. It's basic psychological stuff, bro. So, all you have to do is get into the chick's personal space. If you're standing by her, stand about an inch or two closer to her, and if she doesn't move, there's hope. If you're sitting in desks in class, scoot over about an inch or two closer to her, and if she doesn't move, there's hope.

Actually, there's another way to find out, and it's called kino in the attraction/seduction world. Kino is lightly touching the girl to increase pleasurable interaction between the two of you. You gently touch her arm after a joke or gently touch her theigh when you want to tell her something really interesting. It's a form of indirect flirting. If she's reciprocative to your kino, there's hope! I mean, why would a girl want some ass she doesn't care about to touch her? Use common sense when applying kino, please. You know what I mean--don't touch anywhere you know she doesn't want touched.

So, there you have it. The aim of finding if she likes you or not is about trying to dig deep into her subtleness. Girls won't ever let you know they like you directly, so we have to use clues from their body language, and get in their personal space and apply kino. Using the two described methods above, you will definitely find out if the chick wants you or not. Peace.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Monday, October 30, 2006

Importance of Wingmanship

A wingman is absolutely essential if you're out to get chicks. A wingman makes things less scary, boosts your confidence, and gives you more interesting things to talk about. If you've got a friend, turn him into a wingman and start planning. If you don't, invest some time into finding a friend who's willing to wing for you. If you've already got a wingman or someone who you know will wing for you, here are a few great openers.

You could use this with your wing anywhere. It'll be best to use it in a place where you know you'll see the girl again, like school, class, work, etc.

You say (be jolly): "Hey, my friend called me gay for saying that you're cute. Is it UNMANLY to say 'cute' or something?"

Your wingman (closely behind you): "Dude, chicks are HOT or BLAZING, not 'cute'! God, I thought I was dealing with a man here. She probably thinks you're a wuss."

You say: Yeah, whatever, go eat some beef jerky or something bro. Anyway, ignore him, he's just a walking glob of testosterone. Anyway, what's your name?

In this scenario, the girl will get the idea that you're a fun guy who isn't afraid to be sensitive. This is exactly what we want. Make sure your wingman's demeanor is like an "intelligent idiot". You be calm, cool, and amused. Basically, you play straight man to him.

Or you could approach a girl or group of girls with the classic, "Hey, my friend says I appear gay in this shirt. Is this something I should worry about or do you think he's just joshing?"

Have your wingman say shortly after, "Yeah whatever, some guy named Josh is probably checking you out right now."

You both be playful and joyful. After she responds, just dive in the conversation.


Take these two examples and run with them. Learn from them, apply them in real life, use them as a guideline. Do whatever--as long as you get SOMETHING out of it.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

A Few Great Openers

I just recently read about this "Goodbye Introduction" conversation opener method from some site which I forgot, but it's REALLY good and YOU MUST know it. Okay, this opener should be used in an atmosphere where you know you'll see the girl again, like gym or at school. She's probably going to busy, but that's what we're aiming at. Basically what you're doing is leaving the scene, but suddenly notice her and compliment her beforfe you go.

Here's an example that will work in a gym atmosphere. Approach with this after she finishes a set or is taking a pause;

"Hey, I'm on my way out, but I can't leave without saying hello to the lady with the nice form. What's your name?" After she tells you her name, say with a smile, "Okay ___, hope to see ya again."

In a school atmosphere, you can say in the hallway;

"Hey, I'm on my way to class, but I can't go without first saying hello to the beautiful girl with the ___ colored shirt on. What's your name" After she tells you her name, say with a smile "Okay cool..I'll catch you around later, _____."

This is fantastic because next time you to meet up, you'll have something to draw a conversation from. It also adds a little mystique to you and you won't waste her time with this quick technique.


Another great opener is the horoscope opener. You approach a girl, saying, "My horoscope told me to meet new friends today, name's ___ what's your name?" Say this playfully.


These two methods are extremely good and you will get positie resutls if you use them correctly. Keep gaming.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Getting Used To Talking w/ Girls

Are you one of those guys who just can't find his ballsack when the time for approaching a hot chick comes? Hmm...well my friend, you're really overanalyzing and fucking yourself in the ass, but I'll tell you how and how I overcame this stupid anxiety.

Okay, so it's a hot girl. She's beautiful. She's the hottest chick this side of town. She has pretty hair, nice tanned skin, blue eyes, a mini-skirt, popularity, and the perfect smile. Under the word "hot" in the dictionary is a picture of her. Okay, and? You know all the outside details about her, but we want something deeper. We want to know if she's compatible with me. We want to know if her personality is right enough for us to pursue her. Fuck fearing if she will reject me, she better fear I won't reject her! This is my mindset whenever I'm about to approach a hot chick. You've got to let yourself know that you will make her day and that you're the prize--not the other way around. I don't know about you guys, but physical attractiveness is just the wrapping for me, you know? If the girl is a fucking moron or has some other undesirable personality trait, I'll just jack off to her when I get home or move on to the next.

Okay, now you have an understanding of the mindset required to talk with hot chicks. Now, you've got to get some field work behind that knowledge to paint this picture complete. I have an assignment for you guys out there who don't have the balls to approach hot women;

1) Go to a place where hot chicks are laden, like a mall, popular downtown areas, and etc.

2) Don't give a fuck about shit. Realize you will never see these girls again in your life. Realize these girls are about as important to your life as the ants crawling on the sidewalks of New York City.

3) Approach 30 different attractive women per day for a week or however often you can. Give them all a sincere compliment about their physique, like, "Your eyes are pretty" or "You're really cute." Leave it at that. Don't dip deeper into the conversation unless she forces you to. Smile afterwards and then turn your attention elsewhere.

(If you don't have the nuts to give a compiment on their physique, ask them for the time.)

You can mix it up at least once. Rub chocolate or something on your forehead, and approach an attractive woman with a napkin, asking her to rub it off for you. Say, "Hey, I know my friend put something on my head. You look nice and you're pretty, so I trust your hands. Can you rub it off for me please?"

Try that last line out. You've got to do it. Oh my god, that's just so fucking smooth it's insane! Please, grow balls and try that last line! Hah, I'm going to do it. Anyway, this exercise will get you used to communicating with gorgeous women. Remember to make eye contact and smile.

Remember, once you do something you're afraid to do, it'll be easier the next time. If you do it 30 times per day for a week, just imagine how relaxed you'll be. Jump out your comfort zone, bro!

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Getting The Phone Number

The number close is last phase of spitting game. A lot of guys make this out to be the most frustrating and nervous part of the game, but if you look at it for what it really is, it isn't. It's just asking for a god damn phone number. Nothing more, nothing less. Look at it like that and you'll be perfectly fine. I'll explain the BEST way to grab those digits and other forms of communication RAW and UNCUT!

Okay, so you gamed a chick to the best of your ability, and you're interested in talking with her later on. There are two ways to do this; straight out directly or directly with a twist. The aforementioned are two methods I created and have been proven to WORK!

Straight out directly is asking her for a form of communicating her with no strings attached. This may come off as a little threatening to a girl if you do it the way you see other guys do it or the way you think you should do it. You see, most guys will approach a girl they don't even know and ask for their phone number, which is so fucking stupid it doesn't even deserve criticism.

What you want to do in this method is tell her how you feel about her and let her know directly you want to continue the conversation. For example, if you've been walking and talking with a hot chick in a hallway somewhere and want to talk with her later on, simply tell her, "You're the kind of person I can really talk with. What's your number?" Have something to record her number out BEFORE she reacts. If you have paper and pen, be prepared to write before she responds. If you have a cell phone, have your fingers in place to record before she responds. Or you could say, "Hey I really want to continue this conversation, but I have to go, so what's your phone number?"

You don't have to ask for her number. You can ask for her myspace, e-mail address, AIM, or any other messenger name. The best way to get an alternate communication form is by saying something like; "Hey, I really want to continue this conversation. How can I get up with you? What's your AIM, e-mail address, or myspace?" Remember to be prepared to record before she reacts.

The next method which is directly with a twist is essentially the same as the first approach, except you're connecting something you've talked about to the reason for wanting to talk with her. For example, if you've complimented her on her handbag, bracelet, or something she's wearing, say something along the lines of, "Hey, you're pretty fashionable. I may need some tips on what to wear sometimes, so can I have your number?" You've got to say this with a friendly smile. You've got to give each word you say a different sound. Don't say everything mono, you know? Give a word more personality than the rest.

Remember, the number close isn't really important. It's just asking for the number. The important thing is letting her know you are WORTHY enough to talk with at a later time or through another form of communication.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shyness & Social Anxiety

Shyness and social anxiety are two plagues that fuck introverted guys all over the damn GLOBE. It comes as a result of intense awareness and overanalyzing. Guys who unfortunately carry these two social diseases are usually virgins by the time their adults, tremble at the idea of approaching women, have few friends, and are extremely critical of EVERYTHING about themselves, from their voice tone to the way they fucking sit in a chair! They have imaginary mental boundaries created by THEIR consciousness.

It's virtually impossible to give you text that will end these two social plagues, but I'll tell you what you need to GET THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD. I was like you. I smiled at mirrors that made me look good, and then a minute later another mirror would make me look ugly. I was so self-conscious of myself. I thought everyone payed attention to me when they DIDN'T. Eventually I got sick of that shit and adopted my FUCK THE WORLD philosophy.

You have to realize life is way too short to limit yourself. You have to realize that people don't fucking matter, and the way people are nowadays, they care too much about themselves to worry about anyone else. I mean, you have two choices; do you want to be a slave of your own thinking all your life which leads to questions like, "I wonder how it would have went if I were like this", or do you want to be the guy who went through life who laughs as he tells himself, "Damn, I can't believe I did that shit."

So, you think you're not very attractive. I know this sounds cliche, but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder and beauty does not necessairly entail physique 10/10 times, you feel? You have to compensate for your lack of attraction. Realize I'm an ugly fuck, but I'm cooler than all these other scrubs. I'm funny, smart, and a moment with my personality is a fucking Christmas present to any girl. You work with what you fucking got. Eventually, you will overshadow your appearance. Quit taking life so god damn seriously, man. Life is just so fucking short and you shouldn't be selling yourself short!

Live in the day. Live life one day at a time. Don't give a fuck about trivial shit. You could die at any moment, especially in these fucked up times. Make the most of your time. DO NOT be the 80 year old who sits in his rocker chair wondering how life would have went if you just didn't give a shit and dove in.

And to you guys who think you're the most fucked up thing since AIDS, walk through any fucking hospital, and be lucky you have what you have. Get the bigger picture, you know? Realize life isn't about being the next Brad Pitt. I mean, life is just a fucking organized GAME. You play it. Don't let it play you.

I know this won't cure social anxiety and shyness, but I know SOMEONE has been touched by this. Do not give a fuck about shit. Life is way too short to do that. Laugh at life, don't let it laugh at YOU.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cold Approach Ideas

A cold approach is approaching and attempting to game a chick you don't know at all. You see a random beautiful girl, and you decide you HAVE at least get her to acknowledge you. Well, here are a few of my favorite COLD APPROACHES. Remember, when it comes to cold approaching, you can't give a fuck at all. You have to realize; if this doesn't work I'll never see her again, anyway. Repeat that until it's instilled in your subconscious.

Okay a great one for any given situation is to walk up to her, first saying, "Excuse you have the time?"Then after she tells you the time, hopefully, tell her, "Actually I didn't need the time. I saw you from back there and thought you were very attractive, and I just had to get a voice to match you."

Another one I've been pretty successful with is to walk up to the girl, tap her shoulder so that she turns around to see me, and tell her flat out, "Hey..I noticed you're very beautiful from back there when I was walking, and I had to come up to you for a close-up. You're even prettier up close. It's a shame I probably won't ever see you again. What's your name, by the way?" It's pretty hefty, but that's usually all I say, just to hint my personality and motives to the girl.

Anyway, try these two approaches out and tell me how it went.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."

How To Not Be Just A "Friend"

Too many guys give off the impression that they are "friend material" instead of "boyfriend material" when introducing themselves to a chick. You know what I'm saying? One of the worst things you can do in this world is start a "friendship" chemistry instead of a "potential sex partner" chemistry with a wouldbe catch. I'll tell you how to avoid this from the START. RAW!

Okay, so you worked up the courage to talk with a girl you fancy. Everything is flowing nice. Great conversation. Now, it's natural for a girl to place you as a "friend" when you first know her. Gradually, she subconsciously decides if you're "boyfriend material" based on the way you behave around her, the choice of words you use around her, the way you relate to her, and all that type of shit.

To prevent this shit from happening from the start, tell her she's sexy. Don't tell her she's cute or pretty--this is what she's used to hearing from people like her grandmother and aunt! Tell her straight up she's sexy..without looking like a perverted dickhead. There's an art to doing this, so don't get apprehensive. As with most shit I write in this blog, I'll give you a few examples from my memory box. Remember, you learn best through examples and mimicing--not by reading large essays.

Me: You know, you're extremely sexy, but I bet you'd be even sexier with a hoodie on.

That's what I'd say. I'm letting her know I think she's extremely sexy, but the hoodie comment throws off the awkardness of it. When you tell her she's sexy, add a suggestion afterwards. Say she'll look even sexier with highlights in her hair. Don't do this from the jump. Do this when you guys are in mid convo.

The guy who will automatically be placed in the "friend" box would say something like, "You look so beautiful with your hair like that." or something of the sort. Her friends tell her that kind of shit, bro, so don't even go there. Let her know that she's sexy, and you will be immune to that friend box.

Another way to deliver the sexy comment is by first asking her playfully, "Can I tell you an honest compliment?"and then say, "You're sexy."

Remember that and you'll be cool.

"We're all born pick-up artists, only society prevents our true potential."